Welcome to Cherryblossomcloud!

I would like to introduce myself first, if you don't mind.

My nickname is Luma and I'm from germany - so if my english isn't correct I'm very sorry. I am a 15 year-old girl and I'm interested in other cultures for a long time now. But since two years Asia is my favourite.

I came in contact with Lolita on youtube, where I watched many DIYs and tutorials. I was fascinated immediatly and since I also bought the book "shades of wonderland" I wanted to wear such cute dresses, too.

I got inspired by many things, but I decided to name this blog "cherryblossomcloud" because of the amazing view you've got when the cherryblossoms bloom. And because this looks like a giant pink cloud made of flowers.
Also lolita for me is a way to fly over all mainstream and boring things like a cloud carriing you to your dreams.

So here I want to show you some designs I'm drawing, dresses I'm sewing, make-up I'm creating and accessories I'm making.
I hope you'll enjoy it!

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