3 Marker Challenge

Hi, everyone! Since I have enough Copic Markers to select three random ones (you know, it doesn't make sence if you just have six markers) so I decided to do the 3 Marker Challenge. For all of you who don't know what it is: You select three of your markers randomly and you draw a picture with just these markers (and of course a multiliner).
So I sketched the picture before I selected the markers so I couldn't get influenced by the colours in any way and then I inked it with a 0.1 and a 0.3 black multiliner, only for the shadows I used a 1.0 liner.

If you want to colour this picture, too, you can simply click here, download and print it.
I picked these markers blindfolded: it's the B45 Smoky Blue, the B24 Sky and V12 Pale Lilac, all Copic Ciao markers.

I'm really not good in using copic markers yet, but I did my best. Frankly, it turned out not... what I expected. Maybe I should have drawn the most part of the dress in V12 and the rest in blue...

Maybe I'll be doing another challenge when I'm more skilled.
Let me know what version you like the best: sketch, inked version or the copic drawing.

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