Queens of cards: Copic illustrations

Today I want to show you my latest project: Inking and colouring the queens of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.
You can download and print the inked versions by following the links under the pictures (free)!
I drew these pictures for practising drawing lace, as you can see there's many lace on the royal dresses.
Queen of spades, inked
Free download
For me, the queen of spades is the most mysterious, so I gave her an eyepatch in form of a spade. 
For colouring I used these COPIC ciao markers: C-1 Cool Gray No. 1 for shading all white areas and blend the blue, B45 Smoky Blue for her eyes, hat, dress, gloves and fan, B24 Sky for shading the darker areas of the blue and Y11 Pale Yellow for all accessories.

Queen of spades, coloured
Queen of hearts, inked
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In my opinion, the queen of hearts is a very romantic and passionated person. This is the reason I gave her very big curls and a staff.
For colouring I used these COPIC ciao markers: YR000 Silk for the skin, Y11 Pale Yellow for accessories, R14 Light Rouge for hair, gloves, dress and hearts, E18 Copper for shading the hair, B45 Smoky Blue for the eyes 
and also this COPIC sketch marker: E21 Baby Skin Pink for shading the skin.

Queen of hearts, coloured
Queen of diamonds, inked
Free download
 The queen of diamonds is the wise queen who has the most royal behaviour. That's why she stands very still. The diamonds are showing her royal, composed and gernerous character more than wealth.
I colored this picture with: YR000 Silk for the skin, E11 Bareley Beige for the lips, Y11 Pale Yellow for all golden areas, Y15 Cadmium Yellow for shading the Q, E21 Baby Skin Pink (COPIC sketch) for the hair, E18 Copper for shading the hair (hair blended with the colourless blender), Y000 Pale Lemon for the ruffles and the first layer of the dress, E50 Egg Shell for shading these areas, G000 Pale Green for the tissue and the second layer of the dress, YG11 Mignonette for every part which has gold on it, G02 Spectrum Green for all smaragds and G17 Forest Green for shading those. Her eyes are YG11 and shaded with G02.

Queen of diamonds, coloured
Queen of clubs, inked
Free download
The queen of clubs is the young queen, more like a princess. This is why she has opened hair and a very ... dress. The flower in her hand symbolizes her innocence, but the grave expression in her face shows that she's not naive.
I coloured her with: YR000, Y11 and Y15 for the hair, YR000 and E21 for the skin, V12 Pale Lilac for the first and second layer of the dress, V06 Lavender for shading it, V05 Marigold for the bow, the shades on the rose and the last layer of the dress, BV13 Hydrangea Blue for the 3rd layer of the dress and the bands, RV Pale Pink for her lips, all ruffles, the crown and the rose. As always, I used Y11 for all golden areas and I also gave her B45 Smoky Blue eyes.

Queen of clubs, coloured

For the gold I also used the gold Mitsubishi gel pen. Let me know which one is your favourite!
If you have any questions, don't be afraid of asking me in the comments below!

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