DIY: eye patch (easy)

This is my second halloween DIY for one of my halloween looks. As you must have recognized the make-up I was doing wasn't uploaded yet. There's a simply reason for this: the edit crashed and now the video is a bit broken. I already uploaded it on YouTube but it's private for now. I'm thinking of doing the tutoial one more time but I won't have time for this before november. So I'm asking you if I should set the broken one public so you at last have a guide. Please tell me in the comments!

Now I should start with the DIY:
This is the eye patch of a character I created for a story I'm writing which is kind of similar to Another's Mei Misaki (or Misaki Mei, I don't exactly know) which is also my favourite character. So if you want to cosplay her sometime you easily can make the eye patch yourself!
So this is what you need for this:

  • elastic band
  • cosmetic cotton pads
  • hot or fabric glue
  • white fabric or flet
1. Take two cotton pads and cut two 3x3cm squares

2. Take white fabric or flet and cut two squares which are a little bit bigger than the others.

3. Glue the two cotton squares in the middle of one square of the flet.

4. Now look how long your elastic band should be so you can put it around your ears. Glue the ends on the flet like this:

5. Try it on and mark where you have to glue on the elastic on the upper side.

6. At last glue the other flet on top and you're done!

A variation is the eye patch of a pirate. Therefore you just need other shape, black flet or fabric and a black band:

Next weekend I'll be doing another halloween DIY!

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