The frog: your story

This is a manga-like comic I have drawn for you. I don't really know how I should name it but well... even the characters have no real names yet (Do you have suggestions?). Ok first of all about the style. It is very different from normal manga or comic styles but I really like it. The focus is on the characters and their feelings what is the reason why I use chibi emotions sometimes. I won't be drawing many backgrounds but maybe there wil be someday...
Well the story ist mainly about four fantasy characters: a nymph, who is first of all the most grown up and realistic person - but she's also a bit uppish, a fairy, who is very lovely and kind but also a bit childish and rash sometimes, a mermaid, who is very mysterious and curious and also a demon, who is not that evil but more sassy and a bit sneaky but not a bad person at all.
So the main point is that I'll be drawing 2 pages everytime and you can write comments what you think will be happening or should be happening next. Be creative and influence the story by giving suggestions. You can even change the character's additudes if you want to. This is a project I really, really want to realize: that the community and I will be making a really funny and surprising story TOGETHER.
So, let's get started!

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