Mom and I doing COPIC Illustration

This is a collab I was doing with my mom ->her blog. I wanted her to try out COPIC markers so I drew a speedpaint Manga girl and printed two of them.
So this is the picture:

And this is what my mom was doing. For colouring with these markers the first time, she did quite a good job!

I was trying out someting new: I wanted to shade her hair with a colour which was nor just a shade darker neither of the same colour family. So for colouring I used my V05(Marigold) and for shading BV13(Hydrangea Blue) which is honestly more blue than violet. And it turned out very good, I really love this hairstyle. 

As you can see, I coloured areas of her coat in a leopard pattern. For this, I used my lightest skintone (E50 Egg Shell) for the underground. Then I lightened the middle of each area with my lightest yellow shade (Y000 Pale Lemon) and blended it with the E50. Where the light shined the most, I used a shining yellow (Y11 Pale Yellow) and blendet it again with the E50. I coloured in short flicking motions to express fur and let it dry. Then I made irregular dots with a brown shade (E18 Copper) and outined them with a black multiliner.

If you have any questions, you can ask me in the comments :)

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  1. I think I could do the skin a little bit better. It was a great fun to do this - expecially the zebra pattern.


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