Illustrating my book "Sylphae"

In my series "Floating" the fairytale named "Sylphae" is just a little part, but a magical one. The books are in progress, I'm still writing and writing while hoping they'll be finished some time. Nevertheless I love drawing the main characters of my stories (I'm hoping these books will become a movie in the future)
Today, I want to tell you something about the recent picture I've drawn. If you're not interested in the story, you can also skip this part.

This is the princess of the Sylphaej kingdom. The beutiful and wise Yianfàl, main character of the fairytale. As the heritage of the crown, she has to be tested if she deserved the power of ruling the kingdom. Only if she is able to succeed in the legendary seven tasks, she will be crowned. But she's not the only heritage: Yianfàl has to compete against her older brother, Hemjèn, and her younger brother, Luyánjèn. Eventhough she's wise, tough and kind, it is difficult for her to go on a journey through the whole kingdom alone.
She loves to be in the garden and draw or sing lovely tunes, but she also thinks about a lot of things. Sometimes she's very cheerful and sometimes she seems to load all the problems of the kingdom on her own shoulders.

So, to tell you about the drawing. I drew lots of roses to resembel her love for all living things and her beauty, but also her toughness. There are also many pearls which show the royalty and also the style of the Sylphae, which love to dress in jewels and flowers. In her hands, which are not too bad but still a little wrong, she holds a traditional, long Sylphaej pipe. If you wonder why she has horns and wierd ears: that's the typical sign of a Sylphae. Depending on the sign of their Zodiac, they have different horns, e.g. of a aries, taurus or antelope. The ears are all long and sharp, but they can either be 'hanging vertical' (if that makes sence) or pointing upwards.
This time, I did not use a black multiliner, instead I used a sepia one to soften the picture and the atmosphere.
As always, you can download the picture ->HERE for free, if you want to colour it. Therefore, I simply ask you to respect my artwork and not to publish it under your name. (Sorry for the unnatural looking roses and for the awkward hands, I'm still learning and practicing.)

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