Style challenge

Today I drew myself in 9 different cartoon styles. These are all my favourite styles, characters or stories which have influenced my childhood and my drawing style. Let's see if you can recognize them ;)

The one in the center is my own style

So here's the solution and some information about the styles:

Center: my own style
I prefered to draw myself in a more realistic way as in my usual illustrations.
Center, right side: Shoujo
This is a style often used for romantic manga. Eventhough everything is exaggerated a little, I tried to keep my facial features visible.
Center, left side: Studio Ghibli / Hayao Miyazaki
I had to include this style because I absolutely love his movies. Eventhough it was a challenge to draw my long, straight hair because I had no reference for this. So it turned out a little strange. 
I really like to see myself as a Studio Ghibli character because I feel like I could belong in one fantastic movie of theirs now.
reference used: Mononoke (Princess Mononoke), Kiki (Kiki's delivery service), Sophie (Howl's moving castle)
Bottom, right side: Gravity Falls
Gravity Falls is my favourite cartoon, so I had lots of fun drawing myself as one of these characters. I really like how it turned out, besides the eyes which are not close together enough.
reference used: Wendy
Bottom, center: Tim Burton
I really love Tim Burton's movies, especially his style. To recreate it, I used grey and black colour pencils over my Copics. This is one of my favourites :)
reference used: Victoria (Corpse Bride)
Bottom, left side: The adventures of Tintin / Hergé
I absolutely love this cartoon, so I tried to keep the style as close as possible. I used drawing ink instead of multiliner, which was really a challenge. Also I had no reference for a young female character.
reference: Tintin
Top, right side: Asterix / Albert Uderzo
Since my father has collected the cartoons of Asterix in his youth, I grew up with them. And I still love them. This version of myself is my absolute favourite. I also used drawing ink for this one.
reference: Panacea
Top, center: Disney
As any child, I also grew up with Disney. But I like the old movies more, so I wanded to draw me as a princess like Cinderella, Snow White or Aurora. To archieve the former look, I outlined with similar colours as I coloured. I really like this version, but I should have used a lighter blue for outlining the shirt.
reference: Aurora (Sleeping beauty), Cinderella (Cinderella)
Top, left side: Spirou & Fantasio / Franquin
I love their adventures. Actually, I wanted to draw a character of Gaston, another comic by Franquin which I like more. But since it's both Franquin, it doesn't matter.
reference: Stephanie

Let me know which one is your favourite and what I could have done better in your opinion :)

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  1. Sehr coole Pics! Einige Styles habe ich direkt erkannt, obwohl ich mich im Grunde gar nicht mit Comiczeichnen auskenne. Aber Disney und Burton beispielsweise kenn' dann sogar ich. :-D
    Liebe Grüße, Pamela vom pamelopee-Blog!


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