Halloween Special 2

While I am working on my Halloween costume, I am also working on a project combining arts, photography and fashion.
With a wide range of costumes, put together with anything I already had at home, and the help of a ->photographer I am about to create a series of photographs.
Although this is around the time of Halloween, I didn't want to focus on typical monsters and a dark, horrific atmosphere. 
To make something different, I wanted to experiment with more or less normal clothing or surroundings but give them a surrealistic, dark or simply stunning twist.

I will show some photos on my ->Instagram account and in a sereis of posts on this Blog I will - as always - explain my intentions and techniques of my art.
As my theatre teacher always said, it is not important for an artist, that people will easily understand their artwork. On this Blog, however, I want to inspire people and help them to create their own artworks, so I'll explain a little.

Unexpectedly, it got colder and I had to change my plans. In a warmer outfit, I will show you my recently created hat.

2. "Lady with apple and hat"

Who's this crazy auntie?
To bring out the most awesome hat in the world (my new creation, the fruit hat), I dressed in basic, modern every-day clothes with an elegant touch.
The I went to the market, looked for fruits and ... let the crazy, fun shoot begin!

 The Lady with the fruit hat loves fruits and sells them at a market. She is a very serious business woman. Don't try to mess with her precious fruits.

Of course she's also a lady, so she takes her time to look elegant when she walks through the market.

Her taste of fashion is classic and extravagant, the fruit hat is her most special item. Although it looks like a little umbrella...

When she needs a break from all the demanding customers, she rests at a quiet place.

Wait... she secretly eats her own fruits?

 She seems to think that noone sees her... Her expressions are not very lady-like here... What a crazy auntie

Omo, now she has been caught! What to do?

At a public place it is simply a given to keep it clean of all garbage:

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