Bleeding Heart illustrations

Today I finally finished the cover for my comic 'Bleeding Heart' and I'd like to show you two of my masterpieces so far :)

The first one shows the three main characters of the comic: Victoria and Lamia, who we know already, and the mysterious Lucien Oddwood, who we'll meet soon. There will be more illustrations of the most important characters someday ;). This picture is coloured with Copic markers, unlukily you can't see the light shades of Lamia's and Lucien's skin in the digital version.

And the second one is the cover. Here I used Copic markers and coloured pencils to colour. Also in this digital picture, you can't see the light skin colours. I hope this picture makes you curious about the story while also not telling too much. I first tried to draw an upside down head but thanks to a book which shows how to draw these things it turned out very well.

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