My art progress in school

Nobody can draw from the very beginning and most people think that talent or gift matters the most in terms of art and drawing. And eventhough it is a part of it, you must actually learn and practice how to draw. Not only how to use different tools or drawing in different techniques, but also how to draw realisticly. This costs much effort and mostly the talent to observe (which you may train as well).

5th grade (1st year in Gym, I was 10-11years old): 
art teacher 1: cool and funny guy with lots of good ideas
My art in school is an amusing proof, because I had lots of fun drawing things and I also had good ideas, but I just drew like in kindergarden, even when I was 11/12 years old. Lukily I had a nice and funny arts teacher with lots of funny themes to draw. He was more like a mentor for me and my classmates because he cared more about the willing to draw as about the quality of the drawings.

prehistoric cave painting (watercolour + charcoal)
wierd scientists discover new plant (watercolour)

galaxy (watercolour)
6th grade (2nd year in Gym, I was 11-12):
art teacher 1
So he always tried to motivate us to learn how to draw accuratley to bring our ideas on paper. We had few people in class that could draw very good and many who weren't interested in art at all and put no efford in it, but I was the only one of his students who was interested in arts, who understands arts and the meaning of it but who couldn't draw at all. 

my dream house in parallel perspective (pencil)

greek temple in parallel perspective (pencil)
7th grade (I was 12-13 years old):
art teacher 2: crazy woman with no idea of style and classic art
So at the end of the second year in Gymnasium I buyed a hiliarous videogame which claimes to teach arts to practice. And it worked. I learnt to draw trees, statues, landscapes and animals with differend (virtual) tools. Suprisingly, it worked in real life as well, as I realized in the third year. The technique to copy subjects with a grid I learnt virtually saved me as she wanted us to enlarge a picture of a comic with the same technique. I realized that I can copy things very good and that this was the first thing I learnt about drawing. (means: if you want to learn drawing, start by copying things like buildings, statues or actual drawn pictures.)

repainting of trees (candle wax + ink)
enlaging a comic panel (pencil + coloured pencils)
8th grade (I was 13-14 years old):
art teacher 3: gentle, older man who cared much about techniques
In this year I learnt much about shading with one pencil and about shade and light on objects. He also lost a very good picture of mine I put lots and lots of effort in. Drew about two hundred seperate 0,4cm long leaves of grass. But that was pretty much the only thing we did. But back then I started to learn how to draw manga.

practicing shading with only one pencil
9th + 10th grade (I was 14-16 years old):
art teacher 1 (lukily, bc he's my favourite)
So, after he didn't met me for two years, he was pretty much suprised that I could draw so good. An I became his no. 1 example of how to draw things (see the 'no. 1 example' mark on the pictures below). And all the others admired my arts, even this special girl who was his no. 1 example in 5th and 6th grade and who I admired the most for her drawing skills. Now this teacher is proud that I chose a extracurricular arts course of his for next year to improve my arts. Which means I have to do my Abitur (final exam at the end of school) in arts as well.

my own fashion boutique poster (watercolours)
drawing classmates (+teacher) (pencil) no. 1 example
drawing sketch for unique painting (pencil)
engraving a picture which ris sceary (woodcut) no. 1 example
fusion of human and animal: spiderwoman (charcoal)

 I hope this was a little bit interesting and motivating ;)
Remember that art consists of practice, a bit talent, knowledge, observing, good ideas and fun!

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